China wholesaler Wall-Mounted Reasonable Outlet Design 13A Extension Socket with Great quality

Product Description

Product Description

  • About this item
  • HEAVY DUTY,  Extension cord cable reel can holds up to 5-50 meters cable wire.
  • VERSATILITY,  With different type socket and also could with USB and other options.
  • STURDY and DURABLE,  Base stands firm while winding and unwinding cords
  • QUICK,  Snap-together design takes little effort to put together.
  • EASY,  To grip handle allows for a smooth reeling motion and convenient transportation.
  • SECURE,  Cord notch to hold cord ends in place once your cord is reeled up.
  • SAVE MONEY,  Do not need to buy the extra wire and the socket.
  • SAVE TIME,  Find, unwind and wind faster. Reduce setup and strike times.
  • GET ORGANIZED,  If you value your gear and enjoy being organized, you’re in the right place.
  • USAGE,  Outdoor/Indoor.

1. Big Cable Reel allows to power to up to many devices. It’s ideal for smart phones, ipad, tablet, computer, refrigerator, washing machine, games console etc, the USB ports (Some Socket have) come in handy to charge your phone/tablet which saves you using pc ports to do the job.
2. 5-50 Meters Extension Socket cable reel with more Power Outlets is the perfect power solution for your garage, backyard, warehouse space, etc. Tangle-free cord management helps cords stay organized and tidy for next use, combine with the cord locking system, keeps cords in place and secure.
3. ON & OFF POWER SWITCH on each layer let you quickly and safely control the flow of electricity with a single touch. Each row can be turned on/off individually by the power button on the side to save electricity.
4. Multi Standards.
5. HIGH QUALITY MATERIA: Fireproof ABS plastic, PVC copper cable, advanced flame-resisting materials, fire-proof, water-proof, high temperature resistant, Metal holder.
6.  Easy to mount.

Options 04GL 04GM 03GMW 04GMW 04GWL 04GS square meters land of which the company is built; the standard workshop is 40000 square meters; the registered capital is RMB 9800,0000; the fixed assets amounts to RMB 1.5Billion; our products are principally sold abroad, and the annual turnover reaches approximately U.S. Dollars 80Million.

We are a known professional manufacturing company of electrical products. We strive to provide the best quality, value and service at the most competitive cost. We believe by clearly communicating expectations and working closely with our clients to continuously improve processes, part designs and delivery methods, there will be a mutual contribution to enhanced future competitiveness and success. Our product lines continues to expand, and are tailored to meet the needs of the future. Together we will address all aspects of cost reduction, waste elimination and improvement in efficiency in the ever changing global supply environment.

HangZhou City YiYuan Electrical Industry Co., Ltd continuing success and prominent growth is the result of well trained and competent staff of 1800 persons and its readiness to accept modern method to skillfully integrate new technologies, and to maintain professional management is its strength.
Our philosophy is “FOUNDATION, PROGRESS THEN SUCCESS”. The art of coming together would be the Foundation of a new establishment; maintaining a good working relationship with the client is Progress, and being CZPT to work together is Success!

POKA Values

Develop, Innovation, Dynamic, Active
Honest, Social Morality
The Equal Opportunities
Recognition, Career development & Progress, Justice
Open to Change
Continuous improvement, Learning, Paticipantion, Strong Adaptability
Leadership, Teamwork, Empowerment, Risk-taking
Mutual Respect, Sympathy, Trust, Dignity, Justice
To improve the quality & safety for our people, customers and society.
To be globally recognized for the next generation.

To become a multinational, offering “Value for Life” advanced household electric solution by establishing long lasting partnership with employees, customers and suppliers.

Our Advantages

1. POKA R&D Team Description:
*We’re professtional team. Our members have many years of professional background in electical safety from the leading domestic security companies.
*We’re young team. Our average age is only 30, full of vigor and innovation.
*We’re a focused team. We firmly believe that a safe brand comes from the trust of our customers.
*We’re team with dreams. We come from all over the world because of a common dream: to be a really good information security enterprise, to provide customers with the most reliable security protection on the Internet.

*Are these team members qualified?
    A: Yes. All team members are qualified with electrical testing.
*Is your lab qualified?
    A: Our lab is qualified with ZheJiang Immigration Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.
*How many sets of equipment do you own?
    A: More than 20 sets in the lab, but so many in the workshops.
*How often you make maintainance for the equipment?
    A: Every months, because the large quantity requirements, we have to keep the machine running properly at all times.

3.Trade Fair Since 1990
China Commodity Trade Fair Spring & Autumn
Hongkong Trade Fair HKTDC  Spring & Autumn
Russian Mosco Crocus-Expo IEC Fair  Spring
Germany IFA – Consumer Electronics Unlimited  Autumn
Dubai international building materials exhibition 5 industries
Jakarta international exhibition of electric energy and electric power distribution
Malaysia Electric, Power & Renewable Energy Fair

Pulley Type

There are several types of pulleys. These include fixed pulleys, load multipliers and movable pulleys. Below is a description of each pulley type. A load multiplier is a special type of pulley with multiple wheels for increased lifting capacity. It is used in a wide range of applications including power transmission and construction. Some common uses of pulleys are listed below.

moving pulley

Movable pulleys work by transferring the weight of a load to another object of the same mass. Since a live pulley is inherently frictionless and weightless, the force required to lift a load with it is the same as the weight of the load. This principle applies to tall buildings and residences. It is an excellent choice for lifting heavy objects such as furniture and washing machines.
A pulley is a mechanical device with a wheel that rotates on a shaft. The axle is attached to the wheel and is usually fixed. The movable pulley can be fixed or movable, both of which can change the direction of the force on the rope. Some pulleys can also change the magnitude and direction of the force. They are ideal for a variety of applications, from lifting heavy objects to transporting objects.
Another type of movable pulley works by transmitting force to another object. It has a free axis and the total force provided by the rope tension is balanced. Since the tension on the rope is constant in each segment, pulling 1 end of the rope will double the force on the shaft, resulting in 2 mechanical advantages. This mechanical advantage is the main reason why movable pulleys are so versatile.
Another form of moving pulley is called a KWL diagram. The KWL diagram summarizes the basic concepts of the drive wheel. KWL diagrams are an excellent way to assess a student’s understanding of the concepts discussed in the course. Word questions are a great way to check whether students understand concepts. When students answer the word questions correctly, the answer is yes!

Fixed wheel pulley

If you need to move heavy objects, a single fixed wheel pulley is not a good choice. Using a single fixed pulley might be similar to using a handbag, but it’s not very convenient. This type of pulley system relies on friction to transmit motion. As a result, it can slip and isn’t always reliable. Fortunately, you can find other options that work just as well.
Fixed pulleys are the most basic type of pulley. They consist of grooved wheels and ropes attached to objects. These pulleys make lifting easier. Because the rope or cable only moves in 1 direction, the movement of the object feels lighter. And they are also easy to install. However, before you buy a fixed wheel pulley, make sure it is strong enough to support the weight of the load.
The disadvantages of fixed pulleys are obvious. One of them is the lack of mechanical advantage. A fixed pulley pulls up with the same force as a single moving pulley, and a single fixed pulley is not particularly effective as a force multiplier. However, the effect is more pronounced when you combine multiple fixed-wheel pulleys. You will get double the power! So what do fixed wheel pulleys have to offer?
Fixed wheel pulleys can be as small as a ring. A single ring pulley requires twice as much force as the weight being pulled. Adding more loops to the rope will reduce the effort required to pull the weight. The mechanical advantage of a fixed pulley is proportional to the number of strands running to the free pulley. A 100-pound pull on the free end will lift a 300-pound load.

composite pulley

Compound pulleys are pulleys that can be used to change the direction of a control wire. It can also be used to modify the mechanical force of the wire by moving the item it is connected to. In galleons, compound pulleys are more common. They are often combined with other ropes for mechanical advantage. Here are some common uses for composite pulleys.
The ideal mechanical advantage of a pulley is equal to the number of rope segments that pull up the load. This means that the more rope segments, the less force is required. A compound pulley will have the ideal mechanical advantage of 2, which means it will generate more force than a simple pulley. Composite pulleys are also more efficient at transmitting force because their number of rope segments is usually equal to the unit weight.
Composite pulley systems use more than 2 pulleys and ropes. More pulleys will reduce the force required to move heavier objects. They are usually used in large sailboats. The system is also used on construction sites. It can be used for a variety of applications, including lifting large objects or transmitting electricity. You can imagine how it would change your life if you had to move a large sailboat, but the result would be the same: a composite pulley system would make it easier to lift a large sailboat.
Composite pulleys are also known as fixed pulleys. The fixed pulley is stationary, and the movable pulley moves back and forth. The latter is more effective when used with a detachable cord or strap. On the other hand, a moving pulley is a moving pulley and it gives you a mechanical advantage. You can imagine this pulley on a flagpole.

load multiplier

The multiplication system has 3 basic parts: the rope grab, the connector, and the pulley. While some basic multipliers may combine the 3 parts, the concept remains the same. The multiplication system can make pulling the rope easier by reducing the amount of friction that occurs. Below are some examples of multiplication systems. A compact rope grab is a great option for resetting the multiplier.
The load reduction that a pulley system can achieve is proportional to the number of ropes used to support it. Although most utility pulley systems use only 4 ropes, the theoretical maximum load reduction is a quarter of the actual load. In other words, the four-wheel system only reduces the weight of a 1,000-pound load by a quarter. That would require 167 pounds of force, a far cry from the 500-pound load a single pulley system can achieve.
The mechanical advantage of a pulley system can be calculated by calculating the ratio between the forces exerted on each wire. For example, a 90-kilogram load is supported by 3 ropes, each weighing about 30-5 pounds. The ropes on pulleys A and B each carry a load of 60 kg. Using this formula, a single pulley system will yield a mechanical advantage over 2 tractors.
To calculate the force required to pull the rope over the pulley, measure the angle and deflection between the ropes. The deflection angle when added to the included angle should equal 180 degrees. A 75 degree angle requires 159% of the load force. This means a total load multiplier of four. This formula is an important tool for calculating the force multiple of the pulley.

Disadvantages of fixed pulleys

There are 2 basic types of pulleys: movable and fixed. Active pulleys are more advanced, allowing the pulley to move according to the load. They reduce the force required to lift the load. Active roller pulleys are more compact and therefore take up less space. Both types are good for lifting heavier objects, but they each have their pros and cons.
Fixed wheel pulleys can be used to lift heavy objects. This type of pulley consists of a wheel with a fixed shaft that has grooves on its edges for guiding ropes or cables. This is a simple machine as no motor or engine is required to lift objects. When 2 or more wheels are used together, the ropes around the wheels form a powerful hoist.
Single wheel pulleys are not suitable for lifting. They tend to push things down. Also, they are unreliable because they rely on friction and can slip. Also, a single wheel pulley would require a lot of space. Another disadvantage of fixed-wheel pulleys is that they make it difficult to move heavy objects easily. Single fixed-wheel pulleys also tend to slip easily, making them a poor choice for many applications.
Fixed wheel pulleys are also easier to install and maintain than manually operated ones. It requires less space and lubrication than manual pulleys. Manual pulleys can cause injury because the operator will be lifting the full weight of the heavy object. Additionally, rope slippage can lead to muscle strains and rope burns. And the system requires frequent maintenance.

China wholesaler Wall-Mounted Reasonable Outlet Design 13A Extension Socket     with Great qualityChina wholesaler Wall-Mounted Reasonable Outlet Design 13A Extension Socket     with Great quality


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